How much thought have you put into your estate plan? What is going to happen to it? Have you invested money into it? Is there going to be value there beyond what is useful for yourself? What do you want to happen to your estate after you have moved on from life?

These are questions that you eventually need to be asking yourself. If you start planning now you can be ahead of the curve on your estate and not only can you be ready for when that time comes, but you can invest properly to make sure your family lives a comfortable life.

Effective estate management enables you to manage your affairs during your lifetime and control the distribution of your wealth after death. An effective estate plan can spell out your healthcare wishes and ensure they are carried out – even if you are unable to communicate. An effective plan can even designate someone to manage your financial affairs, should you be unable to do so.

You do not want to put anyone through the stress of trying to get your affairs in order. With proper Estate Planning, you can have everything laid out so all that needs to be done is the distribution afterward. This can, of course, be changed at any time. As life goes on you change and your life around you changes. Just because you have a plan now does not mean it has to be set in stone.

What is important about estate planning is that you have a plan of some kind. So if the unthinkable happens you can always be comfortable knowing that those around you will not be left without help.

Start Thinking Early

It is never too early to begin thinking about your legacy or to shape your estate plan. Contrary to what many people think, you do not need to be a millionaire to have an estate plan. An estate plan is an important part of any ongoing financial planning process.

Your financial plan likely involves retirement, plans for any family you may have, and maybe even plans for grandchildren. As you set aside money for yourself you may also be setting aside money for them. If you desire this then you need a proper plan to make sure that all of it is distributed how you want it to be.

As your plan for life unfolds you will need to constantly put consideration in to your estate as well. It provides a comfort that you will know what happens after you pass on. Your estate is valuable and you want to be sure that value is not lost.

Anything can happen. Be Ready

Anything can happen at any time. Life is unpredictable. Whether it is something as small as you want to make a career change that will impact how your estate will look in 15 to 20 years or something as large as a tragedy, you will want a plan.

What is great about having a plan for your estate is that the plan can always change. How you are now will be different in 10 years and over that 10 years you may decide you want to make changes to your overall life plan. When you make those changes you can also make changes to your estate plan.

The importance however is that you have a plan at all. When you are consistently updating it you are always ready for anything that can happen right now. This way if something happens that impacts your 10 year plan you at least have a plan that is consistent with your financials and ideals in the moment.

What do you want your legacy to be?

Your legacy transcends money — it also encompasses your values. Your wishes and dreams may include using your assets to help secure your family’s future or you may choose to support another cause close to your heart. This might be your favorite charity, your community, or your place of worship, to name a few.

We can help you design a legacy consistent with your dreams and values. Estate planning is critical to ensure that your family receives the assets you have accumulated during your life. Regardless of how much money you have, we feel estate planning is the best way to protect the financial interests of your family when you are no longer here to do so.

If you desire your legacy to be that you can continue to support your family after death, then we can help you set that up. More importantly, we can help put you on the path towards that so you know that you can do that.

If your goal is to one day support your family, friends, or put money towards a cause you truly believe in then let’s make a plan so that you can be sure that you get to do that. Have money set aside so that when you pass on that money is used exclusively for that purpose. This way you do not have to worry about the money you’ve set aside for yourself being for anyone besides yourself.

Ask us for help

You are not expected to understand how everything works, the proper legal language, and what the details of your estate plan will look like. When you come in to discuss your estate plan do not be afraid to have plenty of questions to ask. This is your life and you should be allowed to take control of it and come up with a plan that you feel will best protect your family and estate.

What we want is for you to understand everything in your plan to the best of your ability and put you on the right path. When you come in with an idea we can help you figure out how realistic it is and put you on the path towards that idea. We want everyone to live long and happy lives, but it’s important to understand that the worst can happen and be prepared for it. When you ask questions you will gain a better understanding of the process and as a result gain a better understanding of your own estate plan. We will never try to hide anything from you.

Schedule an estate planning session today

If it’s been over a year since you last reviewed your estate plan then it’s a great time to get it looked at again. You will be shocked at just how much has changed in that time frame and what you can continue doing in your life to stay on top of your estate.

Put value into your estate and keep control over it. We will help you come up with the perfect plan so your estate is exactly how you want it to be. This way, when your time comes, you will not need to be concerned about whatever happens afterward. You had a plan and it is all being taken care of for you. Let us help you find that comfort.

If you would like to schedule a review then please call us at (561) 744-0500 or use our contact form online. We will do our best to help you.

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