Capital Management

Capital Management is our financial consulting program. For more than 25 years we have been offering capital management services to our customers. Our comprehensive methodology combines wealth strategy with areas of personal financial preparation, tax issues, asset preparation, and trust.

We listen: Our priority is to listen and consider your particular priorities and personal interests, as well as your risk aversion, liquidity requirements, tax responsibility, and financial obligations.

We plan: we develop a roadmap for achieving your life goals, along with an investment approach customized to your growth, income, and retirement preferences.

We manage: We track, analyze, and adjust your portfolios and asset distribution on a regular basis, taking into account developments in the market, financial sector, and your own financial needs and situations.

We advise: as your life evolves, we are happy to work with you on a wide variety of financial aspects; these may include matters of land, confidence, and risk management.

Your finances are valuable to you. Not just because they’re your livelihood, but because they’re an example of the years of hard work you have put into investing in them. Your capital, whether physical or liquid, is the symbol of your work and you do not want to let it go to waste.

After spending years turning your capital into something of worth you need to take that capital and properly manage it. Capital management is the key to taking your dollar worth and helping it not only maintain value but potentially increase it even further.

At Statewide Financial we can teach you investment strategies, tax planning, and general good capital management practices. We strive to help you set yourself up so you enter the latter stages of your life in good standing and without concern of where you are going to be financial.

How do we do this? Well, it all starts with a plan.

Create A Plan

When you first arrive we’re going to have questions for you about your capital. One of them is going to be a question on if you have a plan yet. Having the capital to engage in investments is certainly valuable, but if you have no idea what you are going to do with that money it’s just going to end up resulting in wasted potential.

With a plan, you will always have an intent behind every investment or decision you make with your finances. This plan can also be as detailed or as general as you want it to be. The overall goal will be that you have something to do with your money. Making the plan for many is the most difficult part of the capital management process because they have all this investment potential but no idea what to do with it.

At Statewide Financial we can sit down and put a plan together with you. Are you worried that a plan might put yourself into a box and keep you non-flexible? That isn’t a problem. The plan can be changed at any point.

What is your goal?

One of the major decisions you will need to make with your plan is what your intended overall goal is. Do you want to retire extremely wealthy? Do you want to have enough money so your kids are set for life? Maybe you just want to make sure that you have enough to retire comfortably and live out the rest of your life with little concern. No matter the plan we make there needs to be an end goal in mind.

That end goal will likely help us decide what major benchmarks we want to make in your plan. Even if the plan changes it’s likely that your end goal will, for the most part, stay the same and that is where the true capital management begins. We are managing your money to invest it towards an overall goal. 

If your end goal with your investments does change then we will just need to assess the situation and re-adjust the plan. Maybe you decided that you originally wanted to retire wealthy, but as time has gone on your priorities have shifted and you want to travel the world and enjoy the youth you have left. We can adjust the plan and end goal so you can live your dreams without losing out on capital in the process.

Do you want to invest further?

When you arrive at Statewide Financial we will also want to know if you want to continue investing further. Maybe you have spent years of your life investing and gaining capital and now it’s just time to make sure your money does all the hard work for you. We can create a capital management plan around that idea. 

While investments are a great way of increasing capital they can also be dangerous and lead to losses. So it’s understandable if you’re happy with where you are and just want to live off your earnings. 

Of course, if you do want to continue investing then there are no issues with that as well. We just need to create an investment plan for you that is built on furthering your investment for however long you choose it to be. 

Do you plan on retiring?

What are your retirement plans? Do you plan on retiring? Not everyone wants to retire someday and live an easy life. Many people enjoy work and want to do so until they can’t anymore. If so then we should make a plan for that with your capital.

Let’s schedule a consultation

Statewide Financial Group, Inc. incorporated in Florida in 1994. It is family operated and concentrates on providing personalized knowledgeable and warm service from our financial consultants. Clients include seniors and younger adults, individuals, families, and businesses. Clients receive a series of personal consultations where need-based goals are discussed and analyzed. An investment plan is then presented, and if approved, placed in motion. Statewide Financial Group is a member of the Northern Palm Beaches Chamber of Commerce and the South Florida Better Business Bureau. Interested persons may contact the Florida Department of Financial Services or the Board of Certified Financial Planners for more information on such similar topics and investment services.

If you would like to schedule a consultation then give us a call at (561) 744-0500 or use our online contact form.

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